UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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陳敬濂 張國祥 2005. Master
Adoption of Business to Customer (B2C) E-commerce in Macau
Lee, Sze Kin Lee, Chang Boon 2005. Master
譚敏珊 黃景波 2005. Master
陳思恆 王麗斐 2005. Master
Parental style, power, and influence strategy on adolescent's influence in family consumption decisions.
Chau, Anita Hong, Jacky 2005. Master
"自上而下" 的行政監督制度 : 兼論當代中國行政監督制度改革的主要方向
陳進展 蔡幸強 2005. Master
花木蘭原型的叙事演變及其文化批評 = Culture criticism and narratice evolutionof Hua Mulan's archetype
陳宇 龔剛 2005. Master
卡夫卡和魯迅比較研究 = A comparative study on Kafka and Luxun
楊海一 李觀鼎 2005. Master
A study on service quality and customer loyalty in public bus service industry in Macau
Lei, Pui Man Mac, Vai Iun 2005. Master
An examination of emoticons, acronyms and literacy practices of synchronous computer-mediated communication of youngsters in Macau
Vu, Hoi Yan Simpson, Timothy Alan 2005 Master

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