UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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升中輔導課程對中一學生改進適應學校生活效果之研究 / check Full Text
阮佩賢 陳毓祥 2002. Master
現實治療法對新入職教師輔導效果之研究 / check Full Text
關淑鈴 蘇肖好 2002. Master
認知行為治療法應用於單親家庭青少年之個案研究 / check Full Text
林卓琼 藍容 2002. Master
Automatic generation of web conference systems / check Full Text
Se, Chun Weng 2002. Master
記憶策略輔導課程對改進初中聽障學生記憶能力之個案研究 / check Full Text
黃慶華 藍容 2002. Master
Strategies for the future development of Macao's garment industry / check Full Text
Lei, Chou Sam 2002. Master
A aprendizagem do portugues e o ingresso na funcao public, nas decadas de '80 e '90 / check Full Text
Ho, Silvia Ribeiro Osorio 2002. Master
Real time control strategy towards the robot soccer system / check Full Text
Zhao, Hong Bin 2002. Master
Sea level forecasting by Kalman filter / check Full Text
Choi, Iat Chu Mok Kai Meng 2002. Master
Simulation of the impacts of topography change on flow and sediment transport in surrounding waters of Macao by numerical model / check Full Text
Chao, Hio U 王志石 2002. Master

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