UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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China's reform in foreign trade : towards modern enterprise system / check Full Text
Ji, Qiu Ying 1996. Master
The "firm size" effect in the Hong Kong stock market for the period 1986 to 1993 / check Full Text
Chui, Man Wai 1996. Master
Consumer values and market segmentation in China: An exploratory study / check Full Text
Dioko, Leonardo Anthony Najarro 1996. Master
The impact of technologies on organizations : the case of the Leal Senado de Macau / check Full Text
Lam, U Tong 1996. Master
The internet market of Macau : an exploratory study / check Full Text
Lee, Chi Ming 1996. Master
Management information systems in Macau banking industry / check Full Text
Chan, Wing Han 1996. Master
Telecommunications strategy and markets : a study in companies operation in Macau / check Full Text
Moura, Daniela Pacheco Jesuino, Jorge Correia 1996. Master
Customer patronage behavior at Yaohan Department Store of Macau : an exploratory study / check Full Text
Ng, Sio Wang Nasol, Ramon Lino 1996. Master
The day-of-the-week effect in the Hong Kong stock market / check Full Text
Sam, Ieng Terpstra, Robert Harold 1996. Master
Human resources development in Macau hotel industry : a case study / check Full Text
Yung, Yee Lee 1996. Master

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