UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A metastatic cascade in breast cancer formed by TGF-beta signaling-CtBP-Cholesterol feedback loop check Full Text
Zhao, Zhi Qiang Di Li Jun 2019. Doctoral
雲南省老年人長期照護問題研究 check Full Text
鄒怡凡 胡婉暘 2019. Master
Corruption governance of the Chinese state-owned enterprise after the reform : a case study of Daqing Oilfield check Full Text
Kang, Xu Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2019. Master
A review of literature on the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance on crime : a lesson for Macau check Full Text
Hoi, Leng Iam 2019. Master
Collective efficacy and perceptions of public safety : a cross-sectional study based on the 2016 Survey of the China Family Panel Studies check Full Text
Wu, Rui Zhao, Ruo Hui 2019. Master
Microfinance institutions as the focus for assessing the nature and effects of social capital : a case study in rural Kenya check Full Text
Wu, Ting Hall Rodney Bruce 2019. Master
Parade of caiqing on deity's birthdays : study of lion dance in Macau (1921-present) check Full Text
Xie, Qi Xing 朱天舒 2019. Master
Efeito retroativo do DEPLE na aprendizagem de língua portuguesa nos participantes chineses check Full Text
Jiao, Lan Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2019. Master
Online classification methods for imbalance and multi-label data check Full Text
Du, Jie Vong, Chi Man 2019. Doctoral
中國地方政府申請世界遺產的動機研究 : 以貴州省例 check Full Text
朱念嶔 吳德榮 2019. Master

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