UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_down Degree
Chinese firms' ownership, political rank, financial crisis and financing constraints check Full Text
Xia, Ye Xing Dang, Vinh 2013. Master
The influence of regional trade agreements and other factors on China's trade flows to its primary trade partners : an empirical study based on the gravity model check Full Text
Tu, Yi Ran Porapakkarm, Ponpoje 2013. Master
莫言小說的敍事策略 : 與福克納之比較研究 check Full Text
聶夢影 朱壽桐 2013. Master
試論 "史記·列傳" 中太史公話語的體現 = A research of Sima Qian's discourse in biographies (Liezhuan)of Shi Ji check Full Text
簡家偉 鄧國光 2013. Master
漢語諧音換字現象的語用考察 = A new pragmatic usage : changing homophonic morphemes check Full Text
吳越魯 鄧景濱 2013. Master
"龍門二十品" 魏碑楷書形體研究 = Study on the graphic form of Wei rubbings regular script in "Twenty Stone Inscriptions of Longmen Grottoes"
鄭崢 鄧景濱 2013. Master
抗抑鬱藥療效的系統評價和薈萃分析 check Full Text
符永鈺 梁少偉 2013. Master
Citizens' role in the EU's environmental governance check Full Text
Chen, Wen Wen Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2013. Master
Cyber bullying : recommendations for program implementation in Macau check Full Text
Un, Mio I Hilal, Susan Mary 2013. Master
從 "華英字典" 看馬禮遜的 "廣東" 方言文化觀 check Full Text
李玲麗 邵朝陽 2013. Master

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