UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The relationship among work-family conflict, job satisfaction and work-family positive spillover of women in Macau check Full Text
Mok, Ka Lai Chen, Xiao Yun 2013. Master
Linkages between the US and three Asian stock markets check Full Text
Ye, Jia 廖振華 2013. Master
Cyber bullying : recommendations for program implementation in Macau check Full Text
Un, Mio I Hilal, Susan Mary 2013. Master
從 "華英字典" 看馬禮遜的 "廣東" 方言文化觀 check Full Text
李玲麗 邵朝陽 2013. Master
羅忼烈治詞業績研究= An investigation of Luo Kang-lie and his achievement of Ci check Full Text
張賀 施議對 2013. Master
Monotonic multi-switching method for ultra-low-voltage energy efficient SAR ADCs check Full Text
Wu, Wen Lan U, Seng-Pan 2013. Master
Comparative research on the doctrine of disregarding the corporate personality check Full Text
Chen, Wen Xin Garcia, Augusto 2013. Master
民國詞人盛配白話詞研究 check Full Text
李婷婷 施議對 2013. Master
An iterative method for inverse eigenvalue problems and some Ostrowski-like inequalities
Wang, Zhi Bo, Vong, Seak Weng 2013. Master
探討澳門移民學生特徵及科學素養表現 check Full Text
張慧敏 張國祥 2013. Master

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