UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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How does the heuristic anxiety caused marketing placebo effect influence purchase intention in food industry : An empirical study
Huang, Li Liu, Ting Chi 2022. Doctoral
漢日特指反問句對比研究 check Full Text
吳婉 陳訪澤 2022. Doctoral
本地新聞報導東望洋燈塔景觀爭議的分析: 一個公民新聞學的視角 = An analysis of the local news reports on the controversy over the Guia Lighthouse landscape: a civic journalism perspective
李珈瑾 李展鵬 2022. Master
探究式學習策略解決幼兒人際衝突之行動研究 check Full Text
林凱欣 劉乃華 2022. Master
高校學生對學生社團的參與和看法之研究 : 以澳門大學為例 check Full Text
劉業健 黃素君 2022. Master
Ownership concentration and stock price volatility : evidence from China check Full Text
Ng, Ka U 2022. Master
Identification of MRPL9 as a potential therapeutic target for lung cancer check Full Text
Li, Xin Yuan Lu, Jin Jian 2022. Master
"É muito comum nas escolas chinesas" : trajetórias de participação e categorias de pertencimento em um curso de contação de histórias em português como língua adicional = "It is very common in Chinese schools" : trajectories of participation and membership categories in a storytelling course in Portuguese as an additional language check Full Text
Morelo, Bruna Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2022. Doctoral
Afdian, "China’s Patreon" : analysing independent creators on a crowdfunding platform
Xia, Jia Xin Todd L. Sandel 2022. Master
中國鄉村教師現實生存樣態的生活體驗研究 check Full Text
李文瀟 魏冰 2022. Master

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