UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
MFLL 000European Union Law (SAMPLE) EU legislation on genetically modified organisms : experience, problems, and prospects
Zhou, Ling Rui 杜立 2019. Master
MFLL 000Juridical Sciences (Chinese Language) (SAMPLE) 澳門性犯罪的立法, 改革及發展 = The legislation, reform and development of sexual crimes in Macau
裴先達 邱庭彪 2019. Master
東吳系女作家研究 = Research on the female writers' group from Soochow University check Full Text
付語含 朱壽桐 2019. Master
Translation of children's literature from the perspective of relevance theory : a comparison of two Chinese versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory check Full Text
Deng, Hao Ni Li, Defeng 2019. Master
A study of the translation of Wang Wei's five-character poems from the perspective of transitivity check Full Text
Li, Jian Hong Wang, Xian 2019. Master
論網絡侵權案件的民事訴訟管轄權 = On the jurisdiction of civil procedure in network infringement cases check Full Text
張津碧 王薇 2019. Master
The role of gloss type and exposure frequency in L2 Chinese incidental vocabulary learning : an eye-tracking study check Full Text
Wu, Xing 靳洪剛 2019. Master
個人與社會責任模式在澳門公立學校的個案研究 check Full Text
鍾子石 李思敏 2019. Master
澳門私立小學實施融合教育學校行政支援之研究 check Full Text
郭麗君 黃素君 2019. Master
澳門男性幼稚園教師專業認同歷程探討 : 以一位男性幼稚園教師為例 check Full Text
梁達勝 周憶粟 2019. Master

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