UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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基於 HSK 語料庫的同素單雙音節動詞偏誤分析 = An error analysis of monosyllabic-verb and disyllabic-verb with the same morpheme based on HSK dynamic composition corpus check Full Text
宋樂全 王銘宇 2019. Master
國際漢語教學多模態話語分析 : 以初級綜合課為例 check Full Text
劉峻宇 王珊 2019. Master
International regulation of cross-border data flow : present issues and future development check Full Text
Shi, Dai Wen Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2019. Master
淺論家庭暴力問題 : 反思本澳家暴法之若干問題 = Brief introduction of domestic violence-reflection on several issues of the law on preventing and combating domestic violence of Macau check Full Text
何倩彤 邱庭彪 2019. Master
澳門網絡犯罪 : 網絡釣魚 = Macau cybercrime : phishing check Full Text
黃錦輝 鄭成昌 2019. Master
論第 7/2013 號法律 (俗稱 "樓花法" ) 產生的若干問題 check Full Text
梁采怡 蘇建峰 2019. Master
論如何填補中國內地父親身份確立制度的空缺 : 以澳門親屬法為依據 = Completion of the system of establishment of fatherhood in Mainland China : based on Macao family law check Full Text
邱小冰 蘇建峰 2019. Master
澳門非法錄影及拍照犯罪及相關問題研究 : Study of crimes of illicit recording and photography in Macau and the issues problems check Full Text
黃瀚賢 鄭成昌 2019. Master
Uma revista ao instituto da suspensão da execuçã das penas no context de Macau check Full Text
Kan, Sut Kei Vera Lucia Raposo 2019. Master
Wrongful life actions against health care providers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China check Full Text
Sun, Hao Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2019. Master

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