UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
MFE 000Early Childhood Education and Human Development (SAMPLE) 民辦幼兒園園長的課程領導之個案研究
李雨潤 宋明娟 2019. Master
MFE 000Educational Psychology (SAMPLE) Effectiveness of square dancing on group belongingness and subjective well-being of middle-aged and empty-nest women
Xie, Wen Ting 陳薇文 2019. Master
MFE 000Physical Education and Sport Studies (SAMPLE) Research on athletes' Wushu routine in anxiety and influence before competition
Wang, Ning 何敬恩 2019. Master
Do investors' corporate site visits impact accrual and real-based earnings management? : evidence form China check Full Text
Zeng, Xiao Dan Lei Cheuk Hung 2019. Master
Residential colleges and EFL learners' English learning motivation check Full Text
Bao, Ying Ming Zhao, Guan Fang 2019. Master
A computation resource friendly convolutional neural network engine for EEG-based emotion recognition check Full Text
Zhan, Yi Vai, Mang I 2019. Master
A literature study on child sexual abuse in China check Full Text
Fang, Xiao Ru 徐建華 2019. Master
澳門博彩業可持續發展研究 = Macau gaming industry sustainable development research check Full Text
陳俠 邱庭彪 2019. Master
The impact of off-balance sheet items on corporate capital structure decision check Full Text
Shen, Yi Tam, Hon Keung 2019. Master
Social-aware mechanism design for mobile data offloading check Full Text
Xie, Zhang Yuan Hou, Fen 2019. Master

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