UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Legal problems and regulations of 3D bioprinting of human organs check Full Text
Fang, An Qi Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2019. Master
木蘭形象演變研究 = Research on the evolution of Mulan's image check Full Text
鄭徽玥 鄧駿捷 2019. Master
論老舍早期文藝思想 = The early literary thought of Lao She check Full Text
霍怡帆 龔剛 2019. Master
The establishment of board transfer system under China's capital market : referring to the U.S. board transfer system check Full Text
Liu, Dong Kun Garcia, Augusto 2019. Master
China's accession to WTO Agreement on Government Procurement check Full Text
Su, Shi Neuwirth Rostam J. 2019. Master
被遺忘權在中國法下的定位與構建 = The position and construction of the right to be forgotten in the Chinese law system check Full Text
劉根固 稅兵 2019. Master
PICMS(BS) 000 (SAMPLE) Dynamics of the gut microbiome of giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) under different dietary intake regimens
Guo, Min Lee, Ming-Yuen 2019. Doctoral
MCS(LING) 000 (SAMPLE) 微信 Emoji 表情符號的語言學研究 = A linguistic study of WeChat Emoji emotion
張代佳 邵朝陽 2019. Master
MCS(LIT) 000 (SAMPLE) 左翼文學論爭中魯迅思想的轉變 = The changes of Lu Xun's thought in the left-wing literature debate
董婉儀 朱壽桐 2019. Master
MFSS(H) 000 (SAMPLE) Parade of caiqing on deity's birthdays : study of Lion Dance in Macau (1921 - present)
Xie, Qi Xing 朱天舒 2019. Master

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