UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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探索臨時仲裁制度在中國的構建與發展 : 以中國自貿區仲裁制度變革為視角 = Research on establishment and development of ad hoc arbitration in China : from the perspective of arbitration system reform in China's pilot free trade area check Full Text
徐威 杜立 2019. Master
Para uma abordagem crítica de alguns aspectos do novo regime jurídico do erro médico de Macau check Full Text
Ng, Chan Fai Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2019. Master
Arbitragem em Macau : com especial incidência na área administrativa check Full Text
Madeira, Regina Gageiro 蘇建峰 2019. Master
讓與擔保協議的效力 = The validity of transferring guarantee contract check Full Text
董福浩 稅兵 2019. Master
言語社區與語言社區類型硏究 : 數據庫交叉分析視角 check Full Text
張韻 徐大明 2019. Doctoral
跨國代孕中法定父母身份認定的國際私法問題及跨國代孕公約的構建 = Private international law issues of legal parentage on cross-border surrogacy and the establishment of the convention on cross-border surrogacy check Full Text
楊管鈺 涂廣建 2019. Master
我國網上購物線上仲裁制度研究 = The application of online arbitration in e-commerce in China check Full Text
楊藍 汪超 2019. Master
股權轉讓中登記之法律效力研究 = The study on the legal effect of registration in equity transfer check Full Text
李琪 范劍虹 2019. Master
Image, body and feminine space : constructing modern identity in The Ladies' Journal (1915-1931) check Full Text
Geng, Ya Min 王笛 2019. Master
An isolated "Shelter" : the rise and fall of Baihu Laogai Farm check Full Text
Zhang, Zhen Yi Yang Bin 2019. Master

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