UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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MFSS(MS) 000 (SAMPLE) Colonial rules transformed and associational hegemony infiltrated : the political perspective of Chinese education in Macao(1936-1949)
Cheong, Hang Guo, Xiao Ming 2019. Master
MFSS(PA) 000 (SAMPLE) 澳門文化創意產業的政策分析與評估 : 結合國外政策經驗為個案分析
張鎮傑 李桃 2019. Master
MST(C) 000 (SAMPLE) Behavior prediction of SLT using SPT-N values based on general regression neural network and multivariate statistical analysis
Ao Ieong, Hou Cheong Lok, Man Hoi 2019. Master
Effects of regulation on credit card lending rates : empirical evidence from The United States check Full Text
Liu, Tian Yun Liu, Ming Hua 2019. Master
The economic and trade relationship between China and Central and Eastern European countries under the One Belt One Road check Full Text
Li, Man Yi Chaisse, Julien 2019. Master
中國藥品監管研究 check Full Text
支如男 吳德榮 2019. Master
透過智能公平環境創設啟迪初中學生多元智能 : 以澳門一所學校的 "論語" 選讀教學活動為例 check Full Text
阮春霞 張國祥 2019. Master
Fourier series expansion methods for rainbow option pricing check Full Text
Yan, Ke Yue Ding, Deng 2019. Master
Curl-free and divergence-free wavelets for computer graphics check Full Text
Ren, Xiao Hua Wu, Enhua 2019. Doctoral
The neurocognitive exploration of directionality in Chinese/English sight translation : an fNIRS study check Full Text
He, Yan Li, Defeng 2019. Doctoral

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