UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Two-dimensional partial unwinding : theory and applications check Full Text
Li, Yan Ting Qian, Tao 2019. Doctoral
從史籍到戲曲論呂布形象流變 = Research on the evolution of Lv Bu from historical records to classical opera check Full Text
鄭璐璐 譚美玲 2019. Master
Automated prototype generation from requirements model check Full Text
Yang, Yi Long Li, Xiao Shan 2019. Doctoral
An approach to real time spike sorting by using wavelet packet transform and enhanced growing neural gas check Full Text
U, Chi Lon Vai, Mang I 2019. Master
The applications of quaternions to eigenvalue problems and color face recognition check Full Text
Liu, Wan Kai Kou, Kit Ian 2019. Doctoral
Information propagation and user behavior in Chinese microblogs during epidemics check Full Text
Sun, Li Si, Yain Whar 2019. Master
Extract, attend, classify : aspect-based sentiment analysis with deep self-attention network check Full Text
Lyu, Yi Wei Zhou, Jian Tao 2019. Master
Chinese “Comfort Women” films, trauma narratives check Full Text
Tian, Shuang Tan, See Kam 2019. Master
Trump administration's Taiwan policy : change and continuity check Full Text
Dong, Yue Wang Jianwei 2019. Master
Respiratory artifacts reduction for cardiac SPECT/CT imaging check Full Text
Zhang, Duo Mok, Seng, Peng 2019. Doctoral

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