UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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聲旁位置信息對形聲字識別的影響 : 以漢語母語者和二語者為例 = The position effect of phonetic radicals on the Chinese phonogram recognition : a study of Chinese native and non-native speakers check Full Text
劉寶寶 靳洪剛 2019. Master
"毛詩正義" 詩學思想研究 check Full Text
何潔瑩 鄧國光 2019. Doctoral
Research on third-party funding in international investment arbitration check Full Text
Shi, Yao 涂廣建 2019. Master
廈門閩南語 "重疊詞+V" 的連讀變調研究 = A study of tone sandhi of "Reduplication + V" in Xiamen Southern Min check Full Text
楊晶晶 許德寶 2019. Master
Sentencing disparity among different provinces in China : an empirical study of sentencing for crime of bribery check Full Text
Ma, Qing Yue 2019. Master
大氣污染犯罪立法規制研究 = The legislation system of the air pollution crime check Full Text
孫煜婷 趙國強 2019. Master
An exploratory study on juvenile delinquency in secondary vocational schools in Shangdong, China check Full Text
Zhou, Hao Liu, Hai Yan 2019. Master
Cooperation or confrontation? : the Sino-U.S cybersecurity relations check Full Text
Jiao, Yu Han Wang Jianwei 2019. Master
Research on athletes' Wushu routine in anxiety and influence before competition check Full Text
Wang, Ning 何敬恩 2019. Master
Lasso and estimation consistency of Tweedie's compound Poisson model with elastic net check Full Text
Yao, Qiu Ran Xu, Li Hu 2019. Master

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