UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"太極法說"研究 = Research on explaining Taiji principles / check Full Text
陳勝飈 鄧駿捷 2018. Master
How do interpreting patterns implicate neurocognitive processing routes? evidence from English vs Chinese consecutive interpreting / check Full Text
Liu, Xiao Dong Li, Defeng 2018. Doctoral
Sino-Pakistani strategic partnership : explaining the de facto alliance / check Full Text
Julidezi, Nuerlan Song Weiqing 2018. Master
港澳台三地小學英語課程標準目標的比較研究 / a comparative study among Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan / Deng DongFei. check Full Text
鄧東菲 Yu, Shu Lin 2018. Master
Student's unmet needs and one-on-one private supplementary tutoring in Macau : senior secondary students' and their parents' perception / check Full Text
Sin, Weng Ian 王燕 2018. Master
海峽兩岸暨港澳地區初中科學課程標準中學習目標的分析與比較 : 基於布盧姆教育目標分類學 / an analysis based on revised Bloom's taxonomy / Ou YiTong. check Full Text
區倚彤 魏冰 2018. Master
Investigating master students' peer feedback practices in thesis writing : an academic discourse community perspective / check Full Text
Zhang, Yi Ran Yu, Shu Lin 2018. Master
Implementing collaborative writing in Macau EFL writing classes : an exploratory practice / check Full Text
Tang, Zhen Li Yu, Shu Lin 2018. Master
比較澳門及香港區分十五歲高, 低數學素養表現學生之 重要學習因素 / check Full Text
陳偉庭 張國祥 2018. Master
Exploring student engagement with teacher translation feedback / check Full Text
Zhong, Qi Ting Yu, Shu Lin 2018. Master

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