UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Ethical leadership and employee extra-role performance : team-member exchange as the mediating mechanism check Full Text
Chao, Lei Na Loi, Chi Ho 2018. Master
An exploratory study of technostress creators & inhibitors and their relationships with work outcomes among it professionals check Full Text
Wong, Kin Man Lee, Chang Boon 2018. Master
Engineering of protein-based multifunctional nanoparticles with near-infrared absorption as photoacoustic contrast agents for biological applications check Full Text
Gao, Du Yang Yuan, Zhen 2018. Doctoral
"太極法說"研究 = Research on explaining Taiji principles check Full Text
陳勝飈 鄧駿捷 2018. Master
Nationalism and sports on new media platform : a discourse analysis of comments on Dongqiudi APP check Full Text
Zhang, Bo Wen Li, Xiao Qin 2018. Master
Exploring the relationship between metacognitive awareness and Macau young learners' English listening performance check Full Text
Lin, Ke Ying, Coco Zhao, Cecilia 2018. Master
A translation project : The Boy Who Went under the Border or Hell and Back Again check Full Text
Lyu, Chen Ge, Karen Lei, Lai Cheng 2018. Master
Translation project : translation of excerpts of the Official Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region check Full Text
Kuong, Mei Ian, Sandy Venkatesan, Hari 2018. Master
How do interpreting patterns implicate neurocognitive processing routes? evidence from English vs Chinese consecutive interpreting check Full Text
Liu, Xiao Dong Li, Defeng 2018. Doctoral
Desempenho oral de falantes de língua materna Chinesa, aprendentes de Português Europeu língua estrangeira : efeitos do aumento da complexidade cognitiva da tarefa = Oral performance of Chinese learners of European Portuguese foreign language : effects of increasing the cognitive complexity of the task check Full Text
Santos, Sara Gonçalves dos Grosso, Maria José 2018. Doctoral

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