UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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控煙政策下中國城鄉老人吸煙和戒煙行為差異研究 :從社會基本醫療保險視角 check Full Text
凡慧敏 陳建新 2017 Master
Reconstructing Chinese strategic culture :translation of The Art of War and it's reception in the west check Full Text
Luo, Tian 張美芳 2017 Doctoral
Public support of community correction in Zhuhai, China check Full Text
Lin, Yin Zhao, Ruo Hui 2017 Master
Construction of modern Chinese national identity check Full Text
Zhou, Xin Hall, Rodney Bruce, 1960- 2017 Master
義序錯配結構的漢日對比研究 check Full Text
陳珊珊 陳訪澤, 1956- 2017 Doctoral
The journey to truth :a comparative study of Lore as fiction and a film check Full Text
Liang, Si Qi, Olivia Timmermans, Glenn Henry 2017 Master
廣東省體育教師體育與德育和自我效能感的相關研究 check Full Text
李金鼎 李思敏 2017 Master
Intimate parter violence against women in Chinese societies :a qualitative study check Full Text
Wu, Yu Shan Kuo, Shih-Ya 2017 Master
Comparing EU with the USA and with regional organization using a neo-institutionalist approach check Full Text
An, Le Qi Telo, Mario 2017 Master
City of Broken Promises :a romance of cultural, religious, and economic exchange in Macao check Full Text
Zhang, Lei, Luka Timmermans, Glenn Henry 2017 Master

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