UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Conectores Textuais : uma análise da interferência de fatores linguísticos e extralinguísticos em produções orais de falantes de chinês língua materna
Wang, Xiao Yan Leal, Ana Luísa Varani 2015. Master
A Tradução Cultural no filme Confúcio : com base na Teoria de Tradução cultural
Xiao, Li Xin 姚京明 2015. Master
忠節與文質 : 顏真卿生平及文章思想研究 = A study of Yan Zhenqing and his literary thought check Full Text
張立業 鄧國光 2015. Master
東莞普通話變體語音研究 = A phonological study of Putonghua variant in Dongguan check Full Text
陳嘉瑩 侍建國 2015. Master
論新媒介理論視野下的接受美學 : 以網絡文學為中心 = The reception aesthetics from the perspective of new media theories : network literature as a center check Full Text
王珺瓅 龔剛 2015. Master
明清嶺南儒佛思想與天然函昰 "瞎堂詩集" 研究 = A study on the thought of Buddhism and Confucian during Ming and Qing Dynasties in south of the five ridges : based on master Tianran Hanshi and his Xiatang Anthology check Full Text
符愔暢 鄭德華 2015. Master
孔子人倫思想探析 : 以 "論語" 為中心 = A study of the ethics of "The Analects" check Full Text
關健俊 鄧國光 2015. Master
文學的女性主義 : 大中華語境中的女性主義文學思潮研究 check Full Text
劉群偉 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
中國內地現行漢字形體優化研究 check Full Text
董月凱 鄧景濱 2015. Doctoral
試論蕭紅抒情書寫與時代主潮的二律背反 = On the antinomy of Xiao Hong's lyrical writing and the main trend after May Fourth Movement check Full Text
張石 龔剛 2015. Master

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