UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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王雪菲 金樹人 2010. Master
Becoming an early partial English immersion teacher in Chinese context : a case study in Macao check Full Text
Qin, Yuan 楊秀玲 2010. Master
Norm inequalities for commutators
Fong, Kin Sio Cheng, Che Man 2010. Master
白花前胡甲素和白花前胡丙素的體外吸收及肝代謝研究 check Full Text
景王慧, 王一濤 2010. Master
How China media frame domestic and overseas corruption scandals : the comparison of media frames on scandals of "Two Chen"
Zhang, Yan Chen, Huai Lin 2010. Master
澳門中學生物理學習動機與其知覺物理教師課堂行為之相關研究 check Full Text
王愛真 謝金枝 2010. Master
大學宿舍社會氣氛知覺與學生學習成就之關係研究 : 以澳門某大學為例 check Full Text
林逸姿 田秀蘭 2010. Master
論贈與合同的任意撤銷權 : 以我國現行《合同法》為視角 = Discussion on the revocation right at will of donation contract : from the angle of present Contract Law
王婉萍 唐曉晴 2010. Master
Environmental management of Macau construction and demolition (C&D) waste check Full Text
Gong, Jie Lu Ao Ieong, Tai Man 2010. Master
The rhetorical vision of China in Southeast Asian online communities : a fantasy theme analysis on Southeast Asian forums
Xiao, Lin Jia 吳玫 2010. Master

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