UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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上古漢語多音形貌詞研究 : 以"詩經"和"楚詞"為例 = The research on the multi-syllable XingMaoCi in Ancient Chinese : the case studies on "Poetry" and "Chu elegies"
李莉亞 張聯榮 2006. Master
Foreignization and domestication in the light of the skopos theory : a case study on the C-E translation of Memories of Peking : South Side Stories (城南舊事)
Leong, Mei Yee Cai, Y. 2006. Master
論動結式與使動用法的關系 : 從使動用法到動結式的演變軌迹 = The relationship between verbal complement construction and the use of causative : the evolving footprint from the use of causative to verbal complement construction
傅京 張聯榮 2006. Master
Analysis and design of an integrated library searching system
Lai, Chi Wa Li, Xiao Shan 2006. Master
Study of defected ground structure and its application for microstrip bandpass filter design
Ho, Ka Meng Tam, Kam Weng 2006. Master
The semantic Web services framework for automating SOA-based systems
Cheong, Io Peng Guo, Zhen Sheng 2006. Master
Portuguese-Chinese machine translation based on translation corresponding tree (TCT) annotation scheme
Tang, Chi Wai Li, Yi Ping 2006. Master
An investigation of the usage of small scale furnace for fire resistance test
Leong, Iok Sam Tam, Lap Mou 2006. Master
周婉娜 卞鷹 2006. Master
孫靈犀 卞鷹 2006. Master

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