UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Equality cases for some inequalities involving the Hadamard product of Hermitian matrices / check Full Text
Law, Ieng Chi Cheng, Che Man 2001. Master
Knowledge management in the information age / check Full Text
Junior, Miguel Gomes da Costa Shaw, David S. 2001. Master
Factors affecting persistence in Japanese language study at the University of Macau / check Full Text
Izumi, Hiroko Pharis, Keith 2001. Master
"論語"中儒家教育管理思想研究 / check Full Text
彭德群 鄧國光 2001. Master
初中一學生學校生活適應研究 / check Full Text
彭碧欣 Wu, Guo Zhen 2001. Master
澳門幼稚園教師工作滿足感之現況研究 / check Full Text
譚筱娟 2001. Master
澳門中學教師、 教育學院學生、中學生對優良教師素質及其背景因素的觀感研究 / check Full Text
鄧建成 蘇肖好 2001. Master
Financial models for waste-to-energy facilities : the case in China / check Full Text
Chan, Kwok Ho Terpstra, Robert Harold 2001. Master
Some thoughts on the future of tourism industry in Macau / check Full Text
Chan, Man Hong Lam, Siu Kwan 2001. Master
Electronic commerce and security : risk identification and management / check Full Text
Cheang, Sek Lam Vong, Peng Chun 2001. Master

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