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師範與非師範小學語文初任教師的語文學科教學知識對比研究 check Full Text
方靜茵 龔陽 2022. Master
非師範初任語文教師的學科教學知識研究 check Full Text
Liang, Qian Yi 龔陽 2020. Master
Task-based language teaching in the Chinese as a second language classroom : a study on teachers' beliefs and practices at the Confucius Institute in Macau check Full Text
Liao, Tie Miao 龔陽 2021. Master
國際中文教材《跟我學漢語》中的全球公民教育之內容分析 check Full Text
何燕湘 龔陽 2023. Master
Family language policy of families in a monolingual context : a case study in the Pearl River Delta region of Mainland China
Lei, Si Yu 龔陽 2023. Master
王安憶與張愛玲的小說藝術比較研究 = A comparative study on the novelistic aethetics of Wang Anyi and Eileen Chang
別業青 龔剛 2010. Master
跨文化背景下的衝突與融合 : 福克納對當代中國作家影響的倫理敍事研究
胡雅坤 龔剛 2010. Master
"女界革命" 的文學投射 -- 中國女姓小說 (1902-1916) 研究 check Full Text
杜敏 龔剛 2017. Doctoral
論道家精神在余華小說中的顯現 : 以"活著"為個案 = Taoism and contemporary Chinese author Yu Hua's fictions : based on the case of "To live"
李昂 龔剛 2009. Master
論現代性情感體驗的詩化顯現 : 以波德萊爾和戴望舒的情詩為例 = The poetic expression of affective experience of modernity : Baudelaire and Dai Wangshu's love poems as examples check Full Text
陶夢書 龔剛 2013. Master

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