UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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中國內地人教版高中英語教科書與澳門Oxford Progress Now高中英語教科書閱讀部分文化內容的對比分析
蔡永發 王燕 2023. Master
Postgraduate students' intercultural contact and experience in an international university in Macau
Liu, Dian 王燕 2023. Master
賴雨佳 王燕 2023. Master
On student silence in senior secondary English classrooms based on hermeneutic phenomenology
Wu, Dong Mei 王燕 2023. Master
A tumor-inspired strategy to engineer monocytic macrophages for regenerative cell therapy check Full Text
Mu, Ruo Yu 王春明 2023. Doctoral
Exploring immune responses of an Oligo-Glucomannan fraction in the spleen
Li, Yu Wei 王春明 2023. Master
Affective subjectivity in Mou Zongsan's moral metaphysics
Zhang, Cheng Ye 王慶節 2023. Doctoral
"紅樓夢詞"研究 = The study of the lyrics in and out of A Dream of Red Mansions check Full Text
程辛蕊 王思豪 2023. Master
《鏡花緣》三論 = Three discussions of Flower of the Mirror check Full Text
黃文麟 王思豪 2023. Master
小學高段語文課堂隨文練筆教學研究 check Full Text
李可瑩 王志勝 2023. Master

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