UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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海峽兩岸暨港澳地區初中科學課程標準中學習目標的分析與比較 : 基於布盧姆教育目標分類學 / an analysis based on revised Bloom's taxonomy / Ou YiTong. check Full Text
區倚彤 魏冰 2018. Master
國際商事仲裁中第三方資助的研究 = Research on third-party funding in international commercial arbitration check Full Text
楊舒淇 魏丹 2018. Master
"法案" 還是 "議案"? : 從澳門特別行政區基本法中葡文版本差異看澳門立法議員的立法提案權 = "Bill" or "motion"? : a study of the proposal rights of the Legislative Council of the Macao Special Administrative Region, based on the difference between the Chinese and the Portuguese version of Macao Basic Law check Full Text
胡楷琦 駱偉建 2018. Master
行政長官制下行政與立法關係的平衡 : 以澳門特別行政區立法會權力運作為視角 check Full Text
Jiang, Yan 駱偉建 2018. Doctoral
"一體二元" 論視角下的特別行政區制度 : 國家治理與特別行政區自治的結構和關係的分析 check Full Text
紀熠 駱偉建 2018. Doctoral
A review on gambling motivation factors between Chinese and Western gamblers check Full Text
Leong, Cheng U 馮家超 2018. Master
漢日心理動詞構式對比研究 check Full Text
鄒奇鳳 陳訪澤 2018. Doctoral
Gratitude as a mediator between family function and depression among Macau emerging adulthood check Full Text
Lam, Ka Lai 陳薇文 2018. Master
Cationic polypeptide-based micelles for camptothecin delivery in lung cancer therapy check Full Text
Zhou, Xing Zhi 陳美婉 2018. Master
Scutellarin inhibits TNF-induced proliferative expansion of Tregs by blocking TNF-TNFR2 interactions check Full Text
Li, Rui Xin 陳新 2018. Master

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