UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門社團體制的變遷研究 : 以 "善豐花園事件" 作個案分析 check Full Text
劉錦盈 蔡幸強 2018. Master
政策與政治斷開 : 以澳門外僱政策為個案分析 check Full Text
黎慧婷 蔡幸強 2018. Master
Study of the pacification commission system of Nanjing national government in the 1930s = 1930 年代國民政府綏靖公署制度研究 check Full Text
Li, Hang 茅海建 2018. Master
國際貨物買賣中關於風險轉移的研究 = Study on the transfer of risks in the international good trade check Full Text
何亦樓 范劍虹 2018. Master
中國內地虛擬財產權利屬性及保護研究 = Research on the attribute and protection of virtual property in Mainland China check Full Text
劉國燚 范劍虹 2018. Master
私募股權投資中對賭協議的法律研究 = The research of valuation adjustment mechanism in privete equity check Full Text
鄧曉媛 范劍虹 2018. Master
澳門電信業法律制度研究 = Research on the legal system of the telecommunication industry in Macao check Full Text
劉雪瑩 范劍虹 2018. Master
人格權上經濟價值的保護制度研究 : 以中, 美, 德法律比較為視角 = Research on the protection system of economic value in personality right : from the perspective of comparison between Chinese law, American law and German law check Full Text
張秋怡 范劍虹 2018. Master
論企業商業秘密權與自由擇業權的衝突與平衡 : 以競業禁止為研究視角 = A discussion on the conflicts and balances between the right of the commercial secrets and the right of freedom in choosing a job : based on the "non compete aggrement" check Full Text
張雯吉 范劍虹 2018. Master
中國網絡司法拍賣的制度分析 = The analysis of judicial auction online in China check Full Text
高暢 范劍虹 2018. Master

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