UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Subsidies and countervailing measures of developing countries : the feasibility of the special and differential treatment
Li, Yue Qing 魏丹 2015. Master
論行政主導的法理基礎 : 以憲法上的行政保留原則為視角
葉勇 駱偉建 2015. Doctoral
Tools for improving the table games efficiency and maximizing the table games revenue in Macao casinos check Full Text
Chan, Kai Ip 馮家超 2015. Master
Modeling and flowrate optimization of single flow zine-nickel battery for energy storage system
Li, Yan Xue, 韓英鐸 2015. Master
漢日分裂句對比研究 check Full Text
張秀娟 陳訪澤 2015. Doctoral
Is incremental belief of intelligence a certain key to students' motivation? : the moderating effects of self-enhancement and self-criticism check Full Text
U, Nok Man 陳薇文 2015. Master
澳門幼兒教師的自我效能感與壓力現狀研究 check Full Text
郝陽 陳薇文 2015. Master
Investigation of plasma phospholipid fatty acids and urinary volatile organic metabolites as potential biomarkers of hepatocellular carcinoma check Full Text
Qiu, Jian Feng 陳美婉 2015. Master
Effects of X-shaped reduction-sensitive amphiphilic block copolymer on drug delivery check Full Text
Xiao, Hai Jun 陳美婉 2015. Master
iRGD 肽介導腫瘤靶向的還原敏感可逆核交聯聚合物膠束的研究 check Full Text
王露 陳美婉 2015. Master

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