UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論蒲松齡與莫言小說 = The research of Pu Songling and Mo Yan's novels check Full Text
賀佳駿 龔剛 2015. Master
論嚴歌苓小說 "媽閣是座城" 中的賭徒心理與女性經驗 = On gamblers psychology and female experience in Yan Geling's novel A-Ma check Full Text
吳東育 龔剛 2015. Master
論新媒介理論視野下的接受美學 : 以網絡文學為中心 = The reception aesthetics from the perspective of new media theories : network literature as a center check Full Text
王珺瓅 龔剛 2015. Master
對賈平凹新世紀以來小說中 “城市異鄉者” 的研究 = Study on the "strangers in the modern city" in Jia Pingwa's novels after new century check Full Text
趙子羊 龔剛 2015. Master
尋根小說的話語結構與現代性體驗 = The discourse structure and modernity experience of “Xungen” fiction check Full Text
黃帥 龔剛 2015. Master
論朦朧詩派對當代詩歌的影響 = The impacts of obscure poetry faction on contemporary poetry check Full Text
周小婷 龔剛 2015. Master
嚴歌苓小說的存在主義解讀 = Existentialist analysis of Yan Geling's fictions check Full Text
劉彰 龔剛 2015. Master
昆德拉小說中的 “遺忘” 主題研究 = The study of theme “Oblivion” in Milan Kundera’s novels check Full Text
柳艷嬌 龔剛 2015. Master
試論蕭紅抒情書寫與時代主潮的二律背反 = On the antinomy of Xiao Hong's lyrical writing and the main trend after May Fourth Movement check Full Text
張石 龔剛 2015. Master
姜文電影美學研究 = The study of Jiang Wen’s film aesthetics check Full Text
李宜真 龔剛 2015. Master

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