UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門歷史的轉折點 : 亞馬勒政府 / check Full Text
葉志良 霍啟昌 1998. Master
淺探十九世紀末至二十世紀初澳門華人之葡文教育 / check Full Text
薛榮滔 霍啓昌 1998. Master
明末葡國鑄炮業在澳門與中西關係 / check Full Text
黃潔嫻 霍啓昌 1998. Master
澳門過渡期後教育財政問題及其改革的方向研究 / check Full Text
黎義明 陳忠文 1998. Master
Analytical investigation and the design of the compressive strength of steel gusset plate connections / check Full Text
Sheng, Ni Yam, Chi Ho 1998. Master
An investigation of the buckling strength of coped steel I-beams / check Full Text
Lam, Chi Chiu Yam Chi Ho 1998. Master
Forecasting and decision-making : from demand forecast to strategic planning : a case study of Macau's telecommunications industry / check Full Text
Lou, Sam Cheong Vong, Peng Chun 1998. Master
How information technology impact on Macau banking / check Full Text
Leong, Cheok In Trigueiros, Duarte Manuel Forjaz Pacheco 1998. Master
An assessment of liquidity of the housing market in Macao / check Full Text
Si Tou, Sio Tan Trigueiros, Duarte 1998. Master
The statistical foundations of ratio analysis : theory and Hong Kong evidence / check Full Text
Sam, Chon Trigueiros, Duarte 1998. Master

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