UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
Inhibitory effect of Cryptotanshinone and Tanshinoe I on TNF-alpha-induced adhesion molecule expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cells /
Xiu Chun Lee, Ming-Yuen 2008 Master
Structure-based discovery of a natural product-like inhibitor of STAT3 /
Liu Li Juan Leung, Chung-Hang 2014 Master
A long-lived G-quadruplex-selective iridium (III) complex for the luminescent detection of lead ions in traditional Chinese medicine /
Zhang Jia Tong Leung, Chung-Hang 2019 Master
Iridium-based metal complexes as functional inhibitors of the NF-κB signaling pathway /
Kang Tian-Shu Leung, Chung-Hang 2019 Doctoral
Synthetic study of eurifoloid A and total synthesis of cerorubenic Acid-III via Type II [5 + 2] cycloaddition reaction /
Liu Xin Li, Chuang-Chuang 2019 Doctoral
Phosphorylation of TET2 by AMPK is indispensable in myogenic differentiation /
Zhang Ting Li, Gang 2019 Doctoral
Research on the usage of Yonyou information system in Macau /
Lam Iat Weng Lian, Zhao Tong 2018 Master
A preliminary examination of CEO compensation determinants in the casino industry : a case study of Sands China Ltd. /
Chen Liu Bing Liu, Ming 2019 Master
A study about the relationship of vertical face angle on physical attractiveness and the effect on attitude and purchase intention /
Si Pui Pui Liu, Ting Chi 2019 Master
Factors influencing Chinese consumers' green purchase behavior : an examination and extension of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) /
Liu Di Liu, Ting Chi 2018 Master

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