UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Analyzing the correlation of potential factors with carbon emission and the sustainable development in Guangdong province check Full Text
Wang, Sheng Lu 2021. Master
Análise contrastiva das construções passivas em português e em chinês morfo-sintaxe, pragmática e tradução
Liu, Gang 2008. Master
A research of six integrated resort operators' response to the COVID-19 crisis in Macau check Full Text
Lo, Hio Cheng 2021. Master
Robust two-dimensional quaternion sparse PCA with F-norm check Full Text
Feng, Jun You 2021. Master
Emerging forms of social control : cooepration between property management and government in modern urban communities in China : a literature review check Full Text
Zhang, He 2021. Master
The importance of culture in banking industry : a comparative analysis of LBHI, Barclays and HSBC check Full Text
Leong, Mei Cheng 2015. Master
MAS(LIT) 000 (SAMPLE) Des, encontros entre o Oriente e o Ocidente : algumas achegas para o estudo dos movimentos simbolistas portugues e chines
Morais, Isabel Maria da Costa 1994. Master
MBA(MS) 000 (SAMPLE) How CSR affects customer trust, brand image and behavioral loyalty? An empirical study in hotel industry
Lin, Xiao Qian 2017. Master
The impact of COVID-19 crsis on the gambling industry in Macau using financial statement analysis check Full Text
Lei, Sio Chong 2021. Master
Corporate governance of IPO enterprises with financail fraud in China's growth enterprise market : a case study of Xintai Electric Co., Ltd check Full Text
Ma, Jing Yi 2021. Master

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