UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
The role of independent consultant in monitoring & controlling public construction projects in Macau /
Tai, Wai Kit Ao Ieong, Tai Man 2022. Master
The entanglement of the gentry and Christian network in late Ming Jiangzhou : Han Lin as pathfinder /
Huang, Xiao Ying Cams, Mario 2022. Master
Pedrini in China (1710-1715) : the six years at the Kangxi Court /
Ma, Yu Tong Cams, Mario 2022. Master
Uma tradução comentada do documentário A Cidade Proibida 100 /
Leong, Mei Kei Carvalho, Manuela 2022. Master
Visualidade e espacialidade em Para Cima e Não Para Norte de Patrícia Portela : uma narrativa intermediática /
Ruan, Xiao Qi Carvalho, Manuela 2022. Master
Language attitudes and linguistic adaptation of mainland Chinese students in a higher education institution in Macao /
Kuong, Ieng Ieng Chan Hok Shing Brian 2022. Master
How gender is constructed by interruptions in conflict talk in English : a corpus-based discourse-analytic study /
Zhang, Shuai Chan Hok Shing Brian 2022. Master
A fast transient FVF as reference buffer and a high PSRR LDO for SAR ADC /
Zeng, Yi Chan, Chi Hang 2022. Master
Crystal growth, characterization and neutron scattering studies of frustrated SrRE2O4 (RE=rare earth) compounds /
Wu, Si Chan, Iat Neng 2022. Doctoral
DFT design of 2D materials for multi-functional applications /
Geng, Jai Zhong Chan, Iat Neng 2022. Doctoral

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