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澳門與內地初中歷史教材比較研究 : 以內地部編版和澳門版為例 = The comparative study on the history textbooks of junior high school between Macao and the mainland check Full Text
Hua, Rong 郭曉明 2021. Master
劉煕載 "藝概. 詩概" 唐詩批評研究 : 以李白, 杜甫, 韓愈詩歌為中心 check Full Text
孫啟呈 鄧駿捷 2021. Master
論澳門 "世遺" 的文學景觀 = The literary landscape of Macao world heritage check Full Text
歐陽麗彤 鄧駿捷 2021. Master
人教版, 蘇教版, 粵教版與部編版高中語文必修教材中新詩課文選篇研究 check Full Text
劉一瑾 鄭振偉 2021. Master
創意思維策略在作文教學之實施 check Full Text
黃巧燕 鄭振偉 2021. Master
電信詐騙犯罪若干問題研究 = Research on some problems of telecom fraud crime check Full Text
周烱照 錢釗強 2021. Master
The anti-inflammatory action of 23-hydroxybetulinic acid from Pulsatilla chinensis via TLR4/NF κB signaling pathway check Full Text
Wang, Miao Juan 陳修平 2021. Master
Comparison of growth analysis for Chinese and US-listed pharmaceutical companies from 2003-2018 using the lightGBM algorithm
Wang, Yu 陳勁 2021. Master
A network pharmacology-based study on the quality control markets of antithrombotic herbal pair : using salvia miltiorrhiza-Chuanxiong Rhizoma as an example check Full Text
Peng, Ruo Qian 陳勁 2021. Master
Government responses to COVID-19 : comparative study across countries check Full Text
Ling, Dong Min 陳勁 2021. Master

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