UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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我國未成年犯規範量刑研究 check Full Text
陳立毅 趙國強 2021. Doctoral
論澳門刑法典中的環境犯罪 = Analysis Macau criminal code the environmental pollution crime check Full Text
梁銳彤 趙國強 2021. Master
三法域刑事管轄權衝突問題研究 : 以內地, 香港及澳門的逃犯移交問題為視角 = Research on the conflict of criminal jurisdiction between the three law systems : from the perspective of problem of the surrender of fugitive offenders in the China, Hong Kong and Macau check Full Text
周文傑 趙國強 2021. Master
Country-level factors affecting online release, read and relay in the first-round of selective spiral check Full Text
Ding, He Chen 趙心樹 2021. Master
An analysis of global landscape of patents related to human coronavirus check Full Text
Gu, Zi Xuan 趙靜 2021. Master
人格與中醫體質相關性研究 check Full Text
龐開中 趙靜 2021. Master
Veratramine, a novel inhibitor blocks autophagy pathway to sensitize triple-negative breast cancer to DOX-induced chemotherapy check Full Text
Zhang, Shuang 路嘉宏 2021. Master
Study of cooperation between Hainan and Macao for promoting internalization and modernization of Hainan's traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry in the context of Hainan free trade port
Liu, Tian Chi 路嘉宏 2021. Doctoral
Taxation of casino games of chance in Macau check Full Text
Niu, Jia Xin 邱庭彪 2021. Master
湖北來鳳方言詞彙研究 = Research on the vocabulary of Hubei Laifeng dialect check Full Text
李金閏 邵朝陽 2021. Master

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