UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Interactome analysis of ERα and AP-2γ in breast cancer cells check Full Text
Cui, Gui Mei Cheung, Chong Wing 2021. Doctoral
Examining the relations of family-related and minority stress to mental health in Chinese sexual minorities check Full Text
Zhou, Hui Zi Ching, Ho Hong 2021. Master
Development of casino dining restaurant attributes sale (CASDIN) and its potential application in Macau check Full Text
Fong, Jun Keet Choe, Ja Young 2021. Master
The influence of luxury hotel customer experience on brand love and customer citizenship behavior : a case study of Chinese tourists check Full Text
Lin, Yang Peng Choe, Yeongbae 2021. Master
Exploring the factors that affect people's pruchase intention of destination pre-wedding photography check Full Text
Peng, Tie Qiao Cuervo, Javier Calero 2021. Master
Factors influencing consumer patronage for Subway QSR in Macau check Full Text
Kam Li, Chimieng Cuervo, Javier Calero 2021. Master
Modeling, design and control of asymmetric multilevel hybrid railway power conditioner in co-phase traction power supply system check Full Text
Liu, Li Dai, Ning Yi 2021. Doctoral
Application of capacitive-coupling inverter for implementation of low-cost reactive power conditioning in a hybrid microgrid check Full Text
Deng, Wen Yang Dai, Ning Yi 2021. Doctoral
Hafnium-based metal-phenolic networks for combinational cancer radio-immunotherapy check Full Text
Sang, Wei Dai, Yun Lu 2021. Doctoral
The role of women in traditional Chinese society in Maxine Hong Kingston's "No Name Woman" check Full Text
Vong, Sut Ieng De Chavez, Jeremy 2021. Master

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