UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The mediating role of parental influence on the relationship between adult children's filial piety beliefs and mate preferences check Full Text
Zhang, Lu Ran 陳薇文 2020. Master
Acquiring generalization constraints through categorization and statistical mechanisms check Full Text
Zhang, Ting Ting 靳洪剛 2020. Doctoral
Syntactic overshadowing and blocking in learning Chinese as a second language : a case of learning the Ba-Construction check Full Text
Hou, Xiao Ming 靳洪剛 2020. Doctoral
"一地兩檢" 與港澳 "基本法" 之法律研究 = Legal research on "Co-location" and Basic Law of Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. check Full Text
趙嘉亮 駱偉建 2020. Master
中日股權眾籌對比研究 : 以保護投資者為重點 = A comparative study of Chinese and Japanese law regarding to equity crowd-funding : focus on investor protection check Full Text
羅程珂 魏丹 2020. Master
"一帶一路" 和大數據背景下的標準中文立法和翻譯規範的建立 = The legislation in standard Chinese and establishment of translation norms under the background of "The Belt and Road" and big data check Full Text
吳嘉玲 魏丹 2020. Master
科普讀物中科學史的內容分析 : 基於科學實踐的視角 check Full Text
王雅情 魏冰 2020. Master
澳門 "內地優秀幼兒園教師" 的身份認同研究 check Full Text
白樺 魏冰 2020. Master
探討兩位廣東省公辦幼兒園合同制新手敎師身份認同之質性研究 check Full Text
吳殷婷 黃素君 2020. Master
探究澳門高中 "品德與公民" 教科書中有關公民身份認同的論述 check Full Text
楊婧 黃素君 2020. Master

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