UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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基於大規模語料編制漢語國際教育學術詞表的研究 = Research on compiling the academic word list of Chinese international education based on large-scale corpus check Full Text
張霽陽 陳忠 2020. Master
基於語料庫的立法漢語與通用漢語常用詞對比研究 = A corpus-based comparative study of common words in legislative Chinese and general Chinese check Full Text
殷久涵 陳忠 2020. Master
激活理論在對外漢語轉喻和隱喻類成語教學中的應用 = The application of activation theory in the teaching of metonymy and metaphor idioms in TCFL check Full Text
席楊楊 陳忠 2020. Master
Cationic amino acid-modified camptothecin prodrugs with typical helix self-assembly for combination cancer therapy check Full Text
Guo, Zhao Pei 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
Design, synthesis and application of functional fluorescent sensors based on Aza-crown ethers for K+ and curcumin derivatives for NH3 check Full Text
Song, Guang Jie 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
Authoritarian filial piety and intimacy in romantic relationships : moderated mediated by gender and implicit theories of relationships check Full Text
Wang, Zi Ying 陳薇文 2020. Master
The mediating effect of creative self-concept on the relation between filial piety and mental health check Full Text
Yang, Xin 陳薇文 2020. Master
I have strengths and I can grow : personal best (PB) goals as mediator and mindset as moderator in strength-based parenting (SBP) and adolescents’ developmental outcomes check Full Text
Ho, Soi Kei 陳薇文 2020. Master
The role of learning strategies in the relation between learning attitudes and English acquisition among adult learners check Full Text
Kou, Ut Seong 陳薇文 2020. Master
The mediating effect of regulatory focus on the relationship between perceived parenting styles and adolescent mental health check Full Text
Xu, Wan Yang 陳薇文 2020. Master

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