UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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基於網絡藥理學的改良乳癰方作用機制研究 check Full Text
張韻 陳勁 2020. Master
Translating traditional herbal formulas into modern drugs : a network-based analysis of Xiaoyao decoction check Full Text
Zhang, Dai Yang 陳勁 2020. Master
Analysis of award scheme on instructional design for primary English teaching through the lens of the cognitive theory of multimedia learning check Full Text
Leong, Lai Ian 陳勤勤 2020. Master
粵港澳大灣區創新創業協同發展策略研究 check Full Text
楊惠敏 陳建新 2020. Master
創新創業政策的橫向比較研究及對澳門的啟示 check Full Text
崔雯絢 陳建新 2020. Master
PEST-SWOT 視角下澳門老年就業分析 check Full Text
張銳 陳建新 2020. Master
晉港澳文化旅遊遺產業比較研究 check Full Text
韓睿 陳建新 2020. Master
"一帶一路" 戰略下我國發展伊斯蘭金融的考量 check Full Text
哈瑞琦 陳建新 2020. Master
漢語有標說明性因果複句的語序演變和動因研究 = A study on the evolution of clause sequence and motivation of Chinese marked declarative cause-effect compound sentence check Full Text
趙文嬌 陳忠 2020. Master
中高級漢語學習者給予類雙及物構式與格交替的多因素研究 = The multifactorial analysis of dative alternation by the intermediate and advanced L2 learners of Chinese check Full Text
林建宇 陳忠 2020. Master

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