UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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基於構字語境的漢字構意研究 : 以 "說文" 牛構件字為例 = A research on the conformation meanings of Chinese characters based on the context of construction : taking the radicals Niu (牛) in Shuowen Jiezi as an example check Full Text
譚晶文 邵朝陽 2020. Master
澳門初中 “品德與公民” 教科書中國家認同建構分析 = The construction of national identity : an analysis of moral and civic education junior high school textbooks in Macao check Full Text
劉子源 郭曉明 2020. Master
16-20 世紀澳門土生族群的身份認同與教育 = Ethnic identity and education of the Macanese from 16-20 century check Full Text
梁舜欣 郭曉明 2020. Master
"儀禮. 士冠禮" 鄭玄注義探隅 : 以禮儀流程為核心之研究 = Study for the Zheng Xuan's annotation in Etiquette and Ceremonial. Capping rites for a common officer : focusing on the moving meaning check Full Text
吳浩文 鄧國光 2020. Master
"韓詩外傳" 研究 check Full Text
陳婉瑩 鄧駿捷 2020. Doctoral
“灰闌記” 研究 check Full Text
李星星 鄧駿捷 2020. Doctoral
美國漢學界的中國公案文學研究 = Chinese Kung-an literature research in American sinology check Full Text
劉曦冉 鄧駿捷 2020. Master
"搜神記" 中的愛情故事研究 = Study of the romances in Soushen Ji check Full Text
林穎媚 鄧駿捷 2020. Master
澳門學校採用的兩套初中中文教科書的比較研究 check Full Text
顧雅麗 鄭振偉 2020. Master
中國全面二孩政策評估 : 以安徽省 H 市和 J 縣為例 check Full Text
蕭鳯鳴 鄺錦鈞 2020. Master

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