UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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European Union normative approaches to enviromental governance /
Li Qian Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2009 Master
Justiça restaurativa : um caminho positivo na resposta ao crime : conceito, modelos e alguma (maior ou menor) prática /
Robalo Teresa Lancry A. S. autor. Dias, Jorge de Figueiredo, 1937- 2009 Master
A case study on legal transplant : public participation in Chinese environmental governace /
李敏 Mancuso, Salvatore, 1963- 2009 Master
E-commerce in the WTO and the evolution in China /
Zhao Xin Neuwirth, Rostam J 2009 Master
Liberalization of banking service under GATS in China : an examination of the scope of obligation of China and the challenges relating to their domestic implementation /
Hu Qiong Min Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
Legal issues relating to subsidies and countervailing measures with a specific reference to non-market economies and the case of China /
Shen Xin Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
International judicial assistance in criminal matters and practice in China /
Liu Yi Xiang Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
The regulation of international investment incentives : the role of international legal order and national measures in China /
Liu Wei Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof 2009 Master
An examination on the employee participation system in China /
于佳 Wang, Huai Yu 2009 Master
澳門高中學生人格特質、賭博動機與賭博行為的相關研究 /
鄭嘉洲 向天屏 2009 Master

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