UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
From disintegration to identity-in-unity : how Fujianese identify their culture in Macau
Wong, Lam Cheong Chen, Huai Lin 2008. Master
Influence of media female image on the perception of college students in Macao
Vong, Diana Chen, Huai Lin 2008. Master
Hilbert-Huang Transform and its application in biomedical signals = 希爾伯特變換及其在生物信號中的應用
Pan, Na Chen, Wei Ji 2008. Master
Relationship management and job satisfaction : how to prolong employee relationships in organizations in Macau
Iong, Luisa Chen, Yi Ru 2008. Master
The impact of tourism on economic growth in China : a panel data analysis
Tao, Yuan Chen, Yu 2008. Master
3-by-3 pure imaginary quaternionic solutions of the Hurwitz matrix equations
Cheok, Kam Loi Cheng, Che Man 2008. Master
Narrative, truth and power in an Insular Possession
Chin, Wai Leng Chiu, Man Yin 2008. Master
A new appraisal model of consumer dissatisfaction : the mediating effects of performance inadequacy and moderating effects of tolerance to inferiority
Zhang, Ling Ling Chow, Siu Fung 2008. Doctoral
Mudam-se os tempos mudam-se os casamentos? O casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo e o direito Portugues
Santos, Duarte Cid, Nuno de Salter 2008. Master
Embedded-link sphygmogram analyzer in e-home healthcare
Fu, Bin Bin Dong, Ming Chui 2008. Master

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