UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
Variation in past tense marking in L2 English in Macao check Full Text
Loi, Raymond Baxter, Alan Norman 2004 Master
Exploration of SPE practice situation and SPE information requirements of individual investors : case in China check Full Text
Mao, Ni Ni Chai, Lai Ping 2004 Master
Three audience groups with only one voice? : a probe into the contents of three central party newspapers in China check Full Text
Chen, Xiao Jing Chen, Huai Lin 2004 Master
From press agentry to public information : analyzing coverage of public health crises in China's newspapers check Full Text
Zhang, Li Na Chen, Huai Lin 2004 Master
Perceived machiavellian leadership and job satisfaction : a study of retail bank employees in Zhuhai, China check Full Text
Zeng, Guo Xiong Cheng, Soo May 2004 Master
Time series analysis and forecasting with the application of SAS in forecasting tourist arrivals in Macau check Full Text
Zhao, Ping Ding, Deng 2004 Master
relationships of time availability, in-store browsing and normative evaluations on impulse buying check Full Text
Cheong, Sio Ngai Hong, Fok Loi 2004 Master
Some properties of T. Chan's preconditioner and applications in numerical differential equations check Full Text
Cai, Ming Chao Jin, Xiao Qing 2004 Master
preconditioner for symmetric nonsingular M-matrices check Full Text
Tam, Hong Sang Jin, XiaoQing 2004 Master
Character development in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling check Full Text
Chan, Mei Lan Kelen, Christopher 2004 Master

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