UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_down Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Extended Kamada-Kawai for unfolding and boundary node detection in ad hoc network check Full Text
Cheong, Se Hang Si, Yain Whar 2016. Master
Extraction, purification and characterization of polysaccharides from a novel Cordyceps sinensis fungus UM01 check Full Text
Cheong, Kit Leong 李紹平 2016. Doctoral
Direito a privacidade em Macau : proteccao dos dados pessoais check Full Text
Cheong, Hio Chong Correia, Paula Nunes 2016. Master
An investigation of perceived supervisor support and work engagement in emotionally charged interactions among hospitality employees check Full Text
Cheng, Pui Kio 2016. Master
The influence of individualism-collectivism on the use of first person pronouns across cultures check Full Text
Cheng, Min Zhu, Shirley Corbett, John 2016. Master
The coordination of pharmaceutical patent and public health from the view of TRIPS check Full Text
Chen, Zhang Chu Chu Hsiao, I-Hsuan 2016. Master
Reconstructing Macau identity : a multi-media exhibition project of Macau's communication memory check Full Text
Chen, Yun Ru 林玉鳳 2016. Master
Development of a novel dual-belt Van Doorne's continuously variable transmission for automobiles check Full Text
Chen, Yue Qiao Wong, Pak Kin 2016. Doctoral
A study on the interpretation of Premier's press conference from the perspective of manipulation theory check Full Text
Chen, Yuan Li, Defeng 2016. Master
Study on quality control of Lentinus edodes and Panax notoginseng based on bioactive components
Chen, Yi Wen 李紹平 2016. Doctoral

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