UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門政府執行母親育嬰哺乳政策分析 = A study on policy implementation of nursery and breast-feeding policy of government of Macau check Full Text
黃家琪 蕭楊輝 2016. Master
澳門外地僱員的問題與對策研究 = The study on the problems and strategies for foreign labors in Macao check Full Text
黃俊 柳智毅 2016. Master
論我國不動產登記信息保密性與偵查機關查詢使用權的平衡 = Balance between confidentiality of real estate registration information in China and information inquire-use rights of investigation organs check Full Text
魏玉成 Mo Shijian 2016. Master
中國內地霧霾防治的立法路徑探索 = The legislative ways to the haze problem in China check Full Text
馮補天 稅兵 2016. Master
澳門行政程序法之作出決定原則研究 = A study of the principle of decision-making in the Macao Administrative Procedure Act check Full Text
馮燕玲 蔣朝陽 2016. Master
急性高強度間歇運動對青年男子運動員心電 QTc 及血壓影響 check Full Text
馮業騰 孔兆偉 2016. Master
中國房地產市場宏觀調控中的中央與地方關係研究 : 以天津市例 check Full Text
馮曉凱 吳德榮 2016. Master
澳門破產法律制度的檢討與完善 : 歷史與功能比較的視角 = The review and improvement of Macau bankruptcy law : a historical and functional comparative study check Full Text
馬哲 唐曉晴 2016. Master
The investment behavior of group-affiliated firms in China : private versus state check Full Text
顧鴻飛 Tam, Hon Keung 2016. Master
起義與反叛 : 科幻文學中革命主題的原型研究 = Uprising and rebellion : an archetypical study on the revolutionary themes in science fictions check Full Text
韓陽 龔剛 2016. Master

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