UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_down Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Formal analysis of Web Services Atomic Transaction protocol using SPIN
Leong, Ieng Kit Xu, Qiwen 2009. Master
The reform of the European Court of Justice
Leong, Chak Chong Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2009. Master
Social adjustment of expatriates in Macau
Lei, Wai I Udani, Zenon Arthur Siloran 2009. Master
"D_PID" method for on-demand air conditioning system control in meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition (M.I.C.E.) building
Lei, Tong Weng Vai, Mang I 2009. Master
Bridging synchronous and asynchronous systems : Wiki-IM integration
Lei, Keng Hong Biuk-Aghai, Robert P. 2009. Master
A functionalist evaluation of the English translation of the preface for the "Witness the Qing Empire" exhibition
Lei, Chong Wun Venkatesan, Hari 2009. Master
Fully coupled numerical analysis of a diaphragm wall construction
Lau, Siu Kei Yan, Wai Man 2009. Master
A study of the business value of IT general control activities
Lao, Son Kai Chan, Wing Han 2009. Master
Communication via Vinay and Darbelnet's translation strategies : a case study of the book "Common Knowledge about Chinese Culture"
Lam, Oi Lin Pang, Kam Yiu 2009. Master
Culture-specific reference and functional priority : function shifts through speech translation
Lam, Kin Man Li, Jian 2009. Master

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