UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_down Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Comparative management : discussion and an empirical study / check Full Text
Vong, Chuk Kwan 1995. Master
D. Joaquim de Sousa Saraiva : do declinio da diocese de Pequim a contribuicao para a historiografia Macaense = 索神父 / check Full Text
Sousa, Acacio Fernando de, Matos, Artur Teodoro de 1995. Master
The recent price behavior of the Hong Kong stock market, 1990-1993 / check Full Text
So, Man Shing Trigueiros, Duarte Manuel Forjaz Pacheco 1995. Master
The use of different type of pipe materials as water service in Macau's market / check Full Text
Sam, Son Kuong Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1995. Master
The schools of thought in strategic management : a comparative analysis / check Full Text
Rosa, Alvaro Augusto Da Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1995. Master
Studies on managerial system of state-owned enterprises in China / check Full Text
Qiu, Yong 1995. Master
Service quality in CEM customers' expectations and perceptions about electricity distribution services / check Full Text
Nascimento, Antonio Francisco Rita 1995. Master
A study into Chinese agriculture cooperative movement / check Full Text
Li, Hong Sheng 1995. Master
An analysis of health services in Macau : resources used, cost and financing : from the perspective of health economics / check Full Text
Lai, Sio Kuan Nicolau, Isabel 1995. Master
From data to decisions : a DSS development framework for dealing with uncertainty in management decision making / check Full Text
Han, Zi Tian 1995. Master

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