UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門高中生知覺父母教養方式, 自我概念與異性交往態度之關聯 check Full Text
黎詩棋 陳薇文 2014. Master
政冶[治]腐敗及其懲治 : 中國大陸、香港、澳門三地反貪反腐的比較研究 = The (political) corruption and its penalty : the comparison of the anti-corruption in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau
黎雄傑 竺乾威 2001 Master
澳門推行跨境養老的障礙研究 = The barriers for Macau to implement cross-border elderly care initiative check Full Text
黎雪瑩 林玉鳳 2023. Master
論澳門刑事訴訟中監聽的制度與修訂 = On the system and revision of monitoring in criminal proceedings in Macao check Full Text
黎頴珊 李哲 2019. Master
黨元野 張慶文 2009. Master
Investigation on phylogeny and neuroprotective activity of analgesic Chinese medicinal herbs check Full Text
黨元野 王一濤 2014. Doctoral
行政倫理規範建構研究 = Study on the construction of administration ethics norms and regulations check Full Text
齊思明 蔣朝陽 2018. Master
中國三歲以下早期教育政策缺位下兩位親子園園長的生命故事研究 check Full Text
龍嘯瑤 黃素君 2015. Master
藿香正氣合劑類香薰療法的策劃研究 check Full Text
龍婉睿 趙靜 2020. Master
粵澳兩地公司高管賄賂犯罪的比較 = Comparative legal analysis of bribery at company's senior management level : Macao's and Guangdong province's persperctives check Full Text
龍幗英 邱庭彪 2018. Master

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