UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門政制發展中的立法會間接選舉制度 = Indirect election system of Legislative Council in the constitutional development of Macau
鄭嘉恩 駱偉建 2012. Master
鄭嘉洲 向天屏 2009. Master
澳門特別行政區道路交通中行政違法制度的研究 = Research on administrative infractions system in road traffic in Macau Special Administrative Region check Full Text
鄭嘉瑤 邱庭彪 2022. Master
短視頻平台著作權間接侵權規制研究 = Research on regulation of indirect copyright infringement of short video platform check Full Text
鄭嘉璇 梁靜姮 2020. Master
枯樹意象的經典化歷程 = The classic process of dead tree image check Full Text
鄭好 王思豪 2022. Master
小額貸款公司法律監管制度研究 = The research on the supervision system of small loan company check Full Text
鄭媛媛 稅兵 2016. Master
澳門公務員規模管理研究 check Full Text
鄭家宜 劉伯龍 2016. Master
澳門初中學生數學學習焦慮、數學學習環境與數學學習動機的相關研究 / Correlational study on mathematics anxiety, mathematics learning environment and mathematics learning motivation among junior high school students in Macau / Cheng Ka Lai. check Full Text
鄭家麗 施達明 2022. Master
中文聖歌集"心頌"、"頌恩"之語言風格初探 = The stylistic exploration of Chinese hymns in "Xin Song" and "Song En"
鄭寧人 程祥徽 2000. Master
獨生子女生涯自我認同之敘事研究 check Full Text
鄭岩 金樹人 2012. Master

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