UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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鄭洪光 蕭揚輝 2003 Master
廣東閩方言今讀 [h] 的層次分析 = On strata of the [h]-initial in Yue and Min dialects in Guangdong
鄭海檳 侍建國 2012. Master
現代漢語類詞綴 "-式" 的來源及其演變過程 = Origin and evolution of the quasi-affix "-Shi" in modern Chinese check Full Text
鄭淳 王銘宇 2021. Master
鄭漢樺 陳建新 2012. Master
康德的政治正當性理論 = Kant's theory of state's legitimacy check Full Text
鄭灝天 翟小波 2019. Master
中國仲裁裁決案外人權益保護問題研究 = The protection of the rights and interests of arbitration award outsiders in China check Full Text
鄭玲怡 范劍虹 2017. Master
北京話、 廣州話、 潮汕話的疑問句對比研究 = The differences and similarities in the interrogative sentence among Beijing language, Cantonese and Chiuchow
鄭琳 徐杰 2014. Master
從史籍到戲曲論呂布形象流變 = Research on the evolution of Lv Bu from historical records to classical opera check Full Text
鄭璐璐 譚美玲 2019. Master
論澳門行政司法上訴變更訴訟標的及時限 = A study on time-barred limitation of the change of litigious object of administrative judicial appeal in Macau check Full Text
鄭百成 蔣朝陽 2018. Master
澳門回歸後行政法規與法律發生衝突時的解決方法 : 以第 13/2009 號法律 "關於訂定內部規範的法律制度" 的生效為分界作比較及討論 = Solutions to conflict between administrative regulations and laws after Macao handover to China : comparison and discussion of Law No. 13/2009 before and after its coming into effect check Full Text
鄭碧琦 汪超 2017. Master

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