UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
First-principles study for two-dimensional noncentrosymmetric materials /
Ai, Hao Qiang Lo, Kin Ho 2022. Doctoral
Research on the compliance and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements in Macao : exploring the mechanism and legislation in the light of "One Country, Two Systems" /
Ao, Chi Tan 蔣朝陽 2022. Doctoral
Sparse approximation methods for solving bounded linear operator in reproducing kernel Hilbert space /
Bai, Hong Fang Leong, Ieng Tak 2022. Doctoral
Efficient power management circuit techniques / check Full Text
Cai, Gui Gang Lu, Yan 2022. Doctoral
Discriminative multi-feature representation of histopathology images for renal cancer detection /
Cai, Jian Xiu Zhang, Yi Bo 2022. Master
A guerra na literatura de Macau : Cheong-Sam : a cabaia de Deolinda da Conceição /
Chen, Gao Zhao Gago, Dora Nunes 2022. Master
Design and testing of an unscented Kalman filter observer-based LQR fault-tolerant control for active air suspension /
Chen, Jun Peng Wong, Pak Kin 2022. Master
Identification and functional characterization of TRIM33 as an oncogenic coactivator of AR in prostate cancer /
Chen, Mi Cheung, Chong Wing 2022. Doctoral
Fabrication and in-situ study of electrocatalysts for water splitting /
Chen, Ming Peng Pan Hui 2022. Doctoral
Understanding procrastination in Chinese university students from the perspective of the attribution theory /
Chen, Shi Yun Zhou, Ming Ming 2022. Master

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