UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Do Chinese traditional beliefs affect IPO performance? check Full Text
Chan, Wai Chong 2021. Master
Find you by your "soul" : study of users of the Chinese dating app : Soul check Full Text
Chao, Weng I Simpson, Timothy Alan 2021. Master
Little city, big visions : a documentary about YouTubers in Macau check Full Text
Cheang, Tek Hodges, Benjamin Kidder 2021. Master
Ainsliadimer C ameliorates inflammatory crosstalk between macrophages and adipocytes through SIRT1-NLRP3 inflammasome pathway check Full Text
Chen, Cheng Lin, Li Gen 2021. Master
Causes of child trafficking in China check Full Text
Chen, Dong Ting Kuo, Shih-Ya 2021. Master
Divergent effects of warmth and competence social rejections : an explanation based on the need-threat model check Full Text
Chen, Fei Fei Guo, Tie Yuan 2021. Doctoral
Investigation of micro-droplet manipulation via functionalized PDMS membrane and their applications in digital microfluidies check Full Text
Chen, Ge Zhou, Bing Pu 2021. Doctoral
Estratégia de memorização no ensino-aprendizagem de português língua : alunos chineses do ensino secundário em Macau check Full Text
Chen, Hai Min Zhang, Jing 2021. Master
The translation of author's neologisms : a case study of The Lord of the Rings check Full Text
Chen, Hong Sun Yifeng 2021. Master
A numerical study of the distribution of chemotherapeutic drug carmustine in brain glioblastoma / by Hongyu Chen. check Full Text
Chen, Hong Yu Hu, Guang Hui 2021. Master

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